There are plenty of GoPro cameras for humans, but what about our furry friends? A recent Kickstarter project hopes to bring a GoPro for dogs to market. The camera is small and requires no extra accessories, making it perfect for dogs who love to entertain themselves by filming their antics. If the project is successful, pet owners will be able to capture all of their dog’s funny moments and share them with friends and family.

What is GoPro for Dogs?

GoPro is a small digital camera that attaches to your dog’s collar and takes videos and photos. The camera has a wide-angle lens so you can get a good view of everything around your dog, even if they’re hiding behind something. You can also use the GoPro to capture footage of your dog playing, chasing a ball, or just being themselves.

How to use GoPro for Dogs

Dogs have been known to be some of the most adventurous animals out there. They love to explore and enjoy being outside, and GoPro cameras are perfect for capturing all of their fun activities. Here are a few tips on how to use a GoPro for your dog:

1) Start by finding a good spot for your dog to run around. A park or open area will work great. Once you’ve found a spot, set up your camera and get ready to start recording!

2) Make sure your dog is well-trained before you start filming. Dogs can get overexcited and may not behave perfectly during the filming process. If your dog is difficult or unpredictable to film, try waiting until they are calmer before starting.

3) Be prepared for some hilarious footage! Dogs love to play fetch, run around, and jump in the water – so expect plenty of funny moments captured on your GoPro camera!

4) Remember to have fun while filming with your furry friend! The more enjoyable the experience, the better the footage will be.

What to do with GoPro footage of your dog

If you’re anything like me, you probably have a ton of GoPro footage of your dog. Whether it’s fun clips of them playing or important footage of when they were having a medical emergency, GoPro footage is always a hit on social media. But what to do with all of this footage? Here are some ideas:n

-Create a compilation video of your dog’s favorite moments.
-Make a montage to celebrate their life and all the adventures they’ve been on.
-Share the footage with friends and family to show off your pup’s awesome personality.

What are the benefits of GoPro for Dogs?

When it comes to capturing your furry friend in action, there is no better product than GoPro. Dogs have a unique sense of motion that other animals lack and they are often the stars of the show when it comes to holidays or family gatherings. Whether you’re a pet owner or just want to capture some great video of your pup playing, GoPro is the perfect tool for the job! Here are some of the benefits of using GoPro for dogs:

-First and foremost, GoPro is incredibly durable. Even if your dog jumps up and knocks it out of your hand, chances are good that the camera will still be working. This means you can take videos and photos that will last long after the excitement has worn off.

-Dogs have an innate sense of curiosity that can make for great footage. If you’ve ever tried to film your dog playing fetch by yourself, you know how difficult it can be to get them to stay still. With a GoPro, all you need to do is set it up and let them go crazy!

-Finally, GoPro is perfect for capturing amazing canine moments that would otherwise be impossible to capture. From tracking Fido’s daily walks to documenting puppy play

Pros and Cons of GoPro for Dogs

While GoPro might not be the perfect camera for photographing your dog in action, it can be a great way to capture some hilarious moments. Here are some pros and cons of using a GoPro for dogs:


-Can be used to capture hilarious moments of your dog in action
-Can be mounted on a collar or harness for easy use
-Provides good quality footage
-Can be shared online with friends and family


-Requires additional equipment (GoPro, mounts, cables) to create quality footage


Dogs and GoPro cameras go together like peanut butter and jelly. In fact, there are even GoPro dog cameras on the market now! But is a GoPro for dogs really necessary? Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of having a GoPro camera for your pet…


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