Greyhounds are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world and for good reason. They’re agile, strong, and have a lot of energy. But one thing that many people don’t know about these dogs is that their chests are actually quite large! In this article, we’ll explore just how big a Greyhound’s chest is and what this means for them as a breed.

What is a Greyhound’s chest?

Greyhound chest is a term used to describe the size of a dog’s chest. Greyhound chests are typically larger than those of most other breeds of dogs.

Some factors that may contribute to a Greyhound’s larger chest include their heritage as racing dogs, their muscular build, and the fact that they consume more food than other breeds of dogs.

How big does a Greyhound’s chest typically grow

Greyhound chest size is generally proportional to the dog‘s weight. The average Greyhound chest size is about 18-24 inches but can vary from 14-28 inches.

How to measure a Greyhound’s chest

Greyhound chest size can be deceiving. Many people believe that a Greyhound’s chest is much larger than a regular dog’s chest. This is not always the case. A Greyhound’s chest may only be about one-third the size of a regular dog’s chest. To accurately measure a Greyhound’s chest, first, use the guidelines below to estimate the dog’s weight, and then use that number to measure the dog’s chest using a measuring tape.

1. Weight

Use the weight chart below to estimate a Greyhound’s weight. You can also use this guide to help you estimate how much your Greyhound weighs without having to take his or her measurements.

2. Greyhound Weight Chart

Chest measurement: Measure around the circumference of the dog’s torso at the widest part (the point where the ribs attach to the back). Do not measure over the shoulder blades or under the neckline.

If the dog has a tumor, lymph node, or any other foreign object in this area, do not measure it–this will invalidate your results.

3. Use an online calculator

There are many online calculators available that can help you measure a Greyhound’s chest.

4. Compare the results

Compare the results of your Greyhound chest measurement to the charts below to find out if your dog falls within a healthy range.

If his or her chest measures significantly more than one of the charts, there is a good chance that your dog has health issues that need to be addressed. If the chest measurement falls within a healthy range, there is no need to take any further action.

However, if your dog’s chest measurement falls outside of either of the charts, please consult with a veterinarian for guidance on what steps may be necessary to address his or her health concerns.

Greyhound Chest Measurement Charts

Healthy Range: Up to 21″ (53 cm)

Borderline Range: 22-24″ (56-61 cm)

Significant Range: 25-27″ (63-70 cm)

What to look for when buying a Greyhound

When shopping for a Greyhound, keep in mind their chest size. The American Kennel Club recommends that Greyhounds have a chest circumference of at least 20 inches.

Also, make sure the Greyhound is in good health. Look for a dog that has clear eyes and a clean bill of health from its veterinarian.


Greyhound’s chest size can vary a lot, but on average they tend to have chests that are about 24 inches wide and 36 inches long. Keep in mind that this is only an average, so there may be Greyhounds whose chests are smaller or larger than this. If you’re interested in finding out the size of a particular Greyhound’s chest, it would be best to take him or her for a checkup at one of the many dog pounds around the country.


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