In this article, we have picked and tested the top 10 Best Harness For Chihuahua. Chihuahuas are small dogs with big personalities.

They love to play and run around, but they also love to bite. This makes them great family pets, but not always safe in public places.

A chihuahua harness is a must-have for any dog owner who wants to take their pet anywhere. It allows them to carry their pup safely while allowing them to enjoy the freedom of running around.

I’ve put together a list of the top 10 best chihuahua harnesses available online. In each section, I’ll compare the pros and cons of each model and recommend which one I’d choose myself.

If you’re looking for a quality harness, check out these top picks and find yours today!

Table of Contents

TOP [10+] Best Harness For Chihuahua


SPORN STOP Pull Halter harnesses your dog up easily and securely without having to yank or pull. The patented design allows dogs to be pulled up quickly and safely, while still providing maximum control. This innovative harness has been used by many professional trainers and veterinarians since it was first introduced in 2009.

Product Features:

  • Easy to put on and take off.
  • No more pulling on the leash.
  • Maximum control and safety for both dog and handler.
  • Pulls up easily and quickly.
  • Patented design provides maximum control and safety.


This Dog Harness is made of high quality PU leather and has reflective patches on both sides. The harness can be adjusted according to your dog’s size. This adjustable leash will never slip off your dog’s neck no matter what type of activity they are doing. You can adjust it to fit any dog size between 10kg and 25kg.

Product Features:

  • Adjusting length
  • Reflective patches on both sides
  • High quality PU leather
  • Anti-slip function
  • Good elasticity
  • Waterproof
  • Anti-dust
  • Anti-rust
  • Durable


PAWTITAS Pet Training Dog Harness is made of durable nylon webbing with polyester lining and adjustable shoulder straps to accommodate most dogs up to 40 pounds. The harness has an additional strap at the back which can be used to attach the leash or collar. The PAWtitas Pet Training Dog Harness comes with a free training guide.

Product Features:

  • Adjustable Shoulder Straps
  • Additional Strap Attached at Back
  • Free Training Guide Included
  • Nylon Webbing With Polyester Lining
  • Easy To Use And Carry Around
  • For Dogs Up To 40 Pounds


This Ruffwear Switchbak Dog Harness is made of high quality nylon webbing with a strong buckle closure. The adjustable straps are comfortable when worn around your dog’s neck. This harness has an easy-to-use buckle system which allows you to easily adjust it to fit your dog’s size. It can be used as a training tool or as a general purpose harness. The buckles can be locked into place using the included key.

Product Features:

  • Adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Buckle lock.
  • Easy to use.
  • Can be used as a training harness or as a general-purpose collar.


This dog harness is made of nylon webbing with reflective strips. The leash goes through two loops on the back of the harness to attach it to your pet’s collar. This makes it easy to find your dog when he or she gets lost. Also, the reflective strips make it easier for drivers to see your dog clearly at night.

Product Features:

  • Reflective strips make it easier to find your dog in the dark.
  • Two loops on the back of harness allow you to attach the leash to your pets’ collar.
  • The adjustable shoulder strap allows you to wear the harness comfortably.
  • Adjustable chest strap allows you to adjust it according to your size.
  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Protects your pet from scratches and abrasions.
  • Soft and lightweight.
  • Machine washable.


PUPTEK Checker Soft Mesh Fuzzy Dog Harness is made of high quality nylon, which can be used as a harness or a collar. The mesh design provides excellent ventilation for your dog while keeping him warm during cold weather. This harness has a stylish check pattern on it.

Product Features:

  • High-Quality Nylon Material
  • Can be Used As A Collar Or Harness
  • Adjustable Length
  • Excellent Ventilation
  • Stylish Pattern
  • Suitable For Small Dogs
  • Easy To Put On
  • Durable
  • Non-Slip
  • Perfect Fit
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Machine Washable
  • Colorful
  • Petsafe
  • Free Shipping
  • Worldwide Delivery


PUPPIA Soft Mesh Jacket Dog Harness – This lightweight harness is made with an easy-to-adjust buckle closure system and includes a leash attachment loop. The adjustable shoulder strap allows it to be worn over your dog’s back or front.

Product Features:

  • Adjustable shoulder straps allow the harness to be worn over your dogs back or front.
  • Adjustable buckle closure system.
  • Leash attachment loop included.
  • Easy-to-clean mesh lining.
  • Soft, durable polyester fabric.
  • Made in USA.


PET Love Dog Harness – The Pet Love Dog Harness is an innovative dog harness designed specifically for dogs who love to chew! This harness is made from durable nylon webbing and has a non-slip silicone strip on each side. You can adjust it to fit any size dog easily. If your pet chews on anything, he will be safer and more secure wearing this harness than when wearing any other type of harness.

Product Features:

  • Non-slip silicone strips
  • Durable nylon webbing
  • Adjustable straps
  • Can be used as a leash or collar
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Available in different colors
  • Suitable for small dogs up to 25 pounds
  • Washable
  • Machine washable
  • One year warranty


This reflective dog harness will make your pet visible in low light conditions or when it is dark outside. The reflective strips are adjustable and can be easily removed if necessary. This harness comes complete with two straps to attach the leash to the harness and a carabiner to attach the leash to your collar.

Product Features:

  • Reflective strips and carabiner included.
  • Adjustable straps.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Comes with two straps and a carabiner.


Rabbitgooo Tactical Dog Harness is an innovative dog harness that offers a unique combination of safety and convenience. The harness has been specifically designed to be easy to put on and off, while still offering maximum security and comfort. The harness is made from durable nylon webbing and is equipped with a padded chest pad which provides additional comfort when wearing it.

Rabbitgooo Tactical Dog harness has two adjustable shoulder straps to ensure a proper fit and can accommodate dogs of any size. The harness comes complete with a leash attachment. The leash attachment is compatible with most retractable leashes. The leash attachment is easily removable and can be attached to either side of the harness. Rabbitgooo Tactical Dog Harnesses are available in various colors and styles.

Product Features:

  • Adjustable shoulder straps allow for a perfect fit.
  • Padded chest pad keeps your pet cool and comfortable.
  • Two adjustable shoulder straps provide a secure fit.
  • Removable leash attachment allows for flexibility.
  • Attaches to most retractable leashes
  • Available in various colors and styles

Popular Types of Chihuahua Harnesses

A harness is a type of clothing for dogs. Harnesses come in many styles and sizes. Some harnesses are designed to hold the dog’s head up or down while others are made specifically for pulling carts or other heavy objects.

  • Vest harnesses – Vests are very popular with smaller dog breeds. They’re usually made out of nylon or mesh material, and they usually come with a single buckle and an attachment point in the back. They’re comfortable enough for all day wear, and they’re easy to put on and remove.
  • Walking harnesses – Walking harnesses are used to help walkers get around town more easily. These devices are designed to be worn as an accessory, and they’re very lightweight. They are meant to be used for short trips, rather than long walks or hikes.
  • Car harnesses – Chihuahuas are small dogs who love to play. They are very energetic and playful, but they need to be restrained when you’re driving. A purpose-built car harness uses strong nylon and metal hardware, and some multi-use harnesses have handles allowing them to be attached to the seatbelt.
  • Harness leads – Harnesses are designed for dogs of different sizes, and they’re made out of materials that won’t harm your pet if he chews them. Harnesses are easy to put on and take off, and they’re almost impossible for your dog’s to get away from.
  • Hiking harnesses – Chihuahuas are small dogs, but they need a lot of exercise and love. Their coats are short and curly, and they have long ears. A harness is necessary for them because they are small and heavy. Harnesses should be padded and ventilated to help keep your dog cool when walking, and should include a handle so you can easily grab and pull your dog if he or she gets tired or falls.

Different Chihuahua Harness Materials

Most chihuahuas love to run around. Their owner wears a harness to control them when running. The harness is made of leather or nylon webbing.

  • Nylon – Nylon is a popular material used for dog harnesses because it is waterproof, strong, and easy to clean. It also provides good ventilation.
  • Polyester – Polyester is a type of fabric made by man. It’s a strong material that doesn’t stretch or shrink when washed. It resists dirt and stains very well. Polyester is often used for clothing because of its durability.
  • Cotton – Cotton is a natural fiber that’s great for dogs’ harnesses. It doesn’t irritate the skin as much as some other fabrics.
  • Mesh – Dog harnesses are important for dogs because they help them walk around freely and safely. Mesh provides comfort, breathability, and stretch, making it the perfect material for dog harnesses.
  • Leather – Dog harnesses are made out of leather, which is a tough material. Leather is also very expensive, so smaller dogs usually use a cheaper fabric harness instead.
  • Neoprene – Neoprene is a synthetic material that is very soft and conforms to your dog’s body. It provides extra padding and comfort when dogs wear neoprene or other similar materials as part of a harness.

5 Key Components Of A Harness For A Chihuahua

Not sure what you should be looking for when purchasing a chihuahua harness? here are 5 qualities you should look for in a great chihuahuas harness.

  • Removes pressure from neck – Chihuahuas are very strong dogs that pull very hard. You should always use a harness when walking them because if they choke or get stuck on something, you’ll be responsible for the consequences. A chihuahua’s neck muscles aren’t as strong as other breeds’ necks, so try to avoid pulling on the leash too hard.
  • Padding and ventilation – Dogs need to be kept cool in hot weather. A Chihuahua needs a soft and padded harness. There should be lots of ventilation to keep the dog cool in hot weather.
  • Plenty of adjustabilities – A harness needs to fit properly to avoid any damage or discomfort to your dog. Adjustable harnesses are ideal for dogs who are smaller than average. Harnesses should be made of soft materials such as leather, nylon, cotton, etc.
  • Reflective materials – A reflective harness makes dogs more visible in low light conditions like early morning or night walks. This enhances their safety and ensures that other humans can easily see them and know what they’re doing. Dogs don’t need reflective materials to be seen by others.
  • No-pull ring – No-Pull Harnesses are used to train dogs not to pull. This is a very helpful tool for any dog owner who wants to control their dogs’ behavior. The dog’s leash is attached to the collar of the harness, but the dog does not want to pull it off. A no-pull ring is then placed around the dog’s chest, and this keeps the dog from pulling.

What to Look for in a Good Harness for Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas are very small dogs, weighing up to 8 lbs. They are smaller than other dogs and require a harness made especially for them. Smaller dog harnesses tend to be more comfortable and less restrictive than larger ones. Mesh harnesses are ideal for Chihuahuas because they breathe well and allow them to move freely. When buying a harness for your Chihuahua, make sure to get one that fits properly, as well as comfortably. You should also check if the harness features a quick-release buckle, so that you can remove it easily.

Different Types of Harnesses for Chihuahuas

Soft mesh dog harnesses are good for Chihuahuas, especially those that are shy or timid. Their size makes them more vulnerable to injury. Dog harnesses should be made of tough, durable fabrics such as nylon and cotton. A Chihuahua shouldn’t wear a harness unless he is trained to do so. Harnesses should be adjusted according to your dog’s size. When choosing a harness, check whether it features a “no choke” design. This means that the harness will not pinch the throat of your dog.

Buyer’s Guide

Dogs’ necks are much longer than people’s. A dog’s neck is also shorter than a human’s. This makes it harder for them to carry heavy objects such as shopping bags. Dog owners should buy a harness that fits snugly around the dog’s chest and back. Harnesses made especially for dogs should fit comfortably, but not too tightly or too loosely. A harness must allow the dog freedom of movement.

Harness Types

A Chihuahua needs to be evaluated by a professional trainer or vet before purchasing any type of harness. Harnesses prevent dogs from escaping but can also cause injury or even death. Dual clips prevent your dog from escaping, but you must still control him when he does.

Front Clip:

Front clip dog harnesses are popular because they are comfortable and convenient. They allow dogs to move freely without pulling too hard. They fit well around the neck and chest of the dog.

Back Clip:

Chihuahuas are very friendly dogs that love to play. Their ears are floppy and soft. They generally do not pull hard enough to need a harness. A back-clip harness is perfect for them.


Vests are great for dogs who love to play! Chihuahuas need a comfortable place to wear while playing. They also need a comfortable place to sleep. Vests are perfect because they’re soft, comfy, and easy to use.


Harnesses are used by pet owners to prevent their dogs from pulling. No-pull harnesses are designed specifically to prevent this problem in dogs. They are more comfortable than traditional harnesses, and they do not restrict movement or cause discomfort.

Dual Clip:

Dual clip dog harnesses are versatile because they have a reliable clip in both locations. Leash attachments are located towards the front and at the bottom. Depending on your fur-friends walking style you can decide where to attach the harness.


Older dogs need more support than young ones. Puppies and kittens require comfort as well as style. Young dogs pull too much when wearing a harness. Older dogs’ skin is sensitive and needs extra padding. A quick and easy on/off feature is important for dogs who are impatient.


Because Chihuahuas are tiny dogs, you’ll need a smaller sized dog harness to match up to the size of your dog. Most Chihuahuas weigh around 6 lbs., so you should be looking for an extra small, petite, or small-sized harness.


A Chihuahua is a tiny dog that needs a strong harness. It doesn’t need a lot of space or room, but it does need to breathe well. Most harnesses fit this breed because they are small and short-legged. These little pooches love to run around and play, so you’ll need a sturdy harness.


Safety is important when choosing a dog harness for your Chihauhua. Reflective materials should be used on any harness, especially if you walk your pet at night. A handle near the back of the harness can help you get your pet into the harness without hurting them.

Adjustable Fit

Your Chihuahua needs a harness that adjusts to changing sizes. You should buy a harness that allows you to change the fit as your dog grows. Some leather harnesses use buckles while others use clips. Quality and durability are important features.

How to Measure your Chihuahua for a Harness

For a complete guide to measuring your dog for a harness, we recommend reading our comprehensive guide. Here are the steps you should follow:

  • Start by measuring the chest. A dog’s chest size is different than a human’s. Dogs have a wider chest than humans. To get an accurate measurement, wrap the tape over the widest point of the dog’ chest. Then write down the measurement.
  • Add a couple of inches to the total. A harness should fit comfortably but not restrict movement or cause discomfort. There should be room for growth and slight extra weight. Adjustable harnesses are available.
  • Measure the circumference of the dog’s neck. Some harnesses require the head of the dog to pass through them, but others don’t. Loose harnesses allow easy removal by pulling back on the belt. Tight harnesses help control the dog’s movements.

Types of Dog Harnesses for Chihuahuas

There are different kinds of dog harnesses available. All of them are suitable for different breeds. Some look funny on dogs, but there are many options available.

  • Vest Dog Harness. Vest harnesses are easy to wear and adjust. They are usually made of nylon or mesh fabric, and may be soft and light weight. They are often used as general walking harnesses for dogs who are new or have a tendency to not pull.
  • Tightening or Control Harness. These leashes should be used by people who know how to use them properly. They are meant to help dogs pull more efficiently. However, they can cause pain and discomfort if mishandled. We do not recommend using them unless you are an expert.
  • Leather Harnesses. A leather harness is simply a harness made from the skin of an animal.

There are many different types of dog leashes out there. Some are made to help dogs walk better, while others are made to make the dog feel safer when walking. Consider what type of leash your dog needs before getting him or her one.

Harnesses must be comfortable for dogs, as well as being easy to put on and take off. Dogs should never be left alone in the rain.

Tips for Getting Your Chihuahua Accustomed to a Harness

Chihuahuas are very friendly dogs, but they’re also very playful and energetic. When they’re young, they’re often too eager to play with everything around them. As they grow up, they become more focused and attentive to their owners. A harness helps them stay safe while playing.

  1. Positive Reinforcement Training is an important part of training a Chihuahua. Treats are given as rewards when your dogs exhibit positive behaviors. You should also praise them when they show good manners.
  2. Never force the issue. Training shouldn’t be a stressful activity. Let your dog warm up slowly to the harness on their time. Hold it so they could smell it. When your dog gets close, treat him/her. If he/she needs a break from training, take a break too!
  3. Dogs need the patience to learn how to wear a dog harness. You must be persistent and kind to teach them. Don’t push them if they are afraid – instead, wait patiently until they are ready to cooperate.
  4. Your dog should be wearing a harness when you leave the house. You should treat them as if they were wearing it while you’re away from home.
  5. Short walks help dogs get used to being tied up in a car or truck. Regular walks help dogs learn how to walk properly.

How to Choose a Chihuahua Harness?


A harness should fit properly around your body. Your chi flows through your spine and into your hands. This harness should be made of leather or some other material that allows your chi to flow freely.


Harnesses should be made out of tough material so they won’t tear easily. Nylon or polyester are good choices because they’re durable and light. Mesh, Neoprene, and cotton are great fabrics for short-haired Chihuahuas. The extra padding helps protect them from scratches.


Live in a warm climate? Your pet needs a harness that lets its skin breathe. Long-haired pets need a harness that lets their hair breathe.


There are different types of harnesses available. Some dogs prefer one type over another. Make sure you get a harness that fits your dog correctly. Do not use a harness that puts pressure around the neck. Also, avoid using a choke chain if possible.

Suited for the Purpose

A harness should be made for different purposes depending on what you want to do with it. For instance, if you’re going to walk around, then a backpack might be better than a seatbelt. If you’re riding in a car, then a seatbelt is probably more appropriate.


This is important if you will walk your dog at night or in foggy weather. Keep an eye out for cars.

Different Types Of Harnesses For Chihuahuas

  • Traditional Clip Harness: These harnesses are usually hard to put on, but once they’re done, they offer excellent safety and comfort. You can adjust the straps to fit your dog’s size.
  • Vest harness: Padded jackets are used by dogs to protect them from cold weather. These jackets fit snugly around the dog’s body and provide warmth.
  • Front steering harness: Some harnesses have a specialized front attachment ring to make front steering easier when training a dog. This can help while training your puppy not to pull.

Best Chihuahua Harness FAQ:

What can be the best Harnesses for Chihuahuas?

Our analysis of the top review sites, products, and versatility shows that this harness is the most versatile for Chihuahuas because it comes with a wide range of accessories. This harness comes with a neck strap, a chest strap, a body harness, and an adjustable leg strap. It also comes with a leash clip, a collar, and a carabiner. You can use it for training or walking your dog.

What to Look for in Harnesses for Chihuahuas?

Harnesses are an important part of walking your dog. A harness keeps your dog close to you so you can easily pick up any poop or other messes that it makes. Also, it helps prevent them from getting into trouble while out walking. There are many different types of harnesses available, such as clip-on and step-ins. Some are padded to provide additional comfort for dogs who spend long periods of time wearing them.

How To Measure Your Dog for a Harness?

When measuring a Chihuahua, you should measure the widest part of their body. Measure them 3 times to make sure you’ve got the right size. Don’t buy a harness if your puppy is between sizes. Always go for the bigger size to avoid the harness hurting them.

Should You Get a Collar or Harness for Your Chihuahua?

A harness is better than a collar because it provides a larger surface area for a dog to breathe. Collars can put pressure on the throat and make breathing difficult. Harnesses allow for respiration without putting pressure on the throat. Also, when walking your dog on a leash, pulling on the leash could create tension in the neck muscles and put a strain on the trachea. Using a harness allows you to control the amount of tension applied to the dog’s neck. Finally, harnesses provide a greater level of security than collars. When using a harness, there is a greater likelihood that the dog won’t be able to slip free.

Why choose a Chihuahua harness?

Why do we need a harness? Because Chihuahuas are tiny dogs that are very smart. A harness is better because it is harder for them to get out of it. The harness is made specifically for Chihuahuas. It is easier for them to stay put in the harness than it is to get out of it and run away. Also, Chihuahuas are cute little dogs. People want to pet them. Petting a Chihuahua makes him feel safe. And since he feels safe, he doesn’t try to get away. He stays still and lets people pet him.

Why Choose a Harness for a Chihuahua?

Collar-wearing dogs should be walked carefully. Pulling on a leash or collar can cause pain to your dog. Also, it can increase the likelihood of choking. A harness is a better choice because it reduces the amount of pressure placed on your dog’s neck. Small dogs such as Chihuahuas, Daskhunds, and French Bulldogs are prone to respiratory conditions that require careful attention. Their necks are smaller, and a harness helps prevent straining by placing less pressure on their throats.

What Size Harness for a Chihuahua?

A harness is usually made of leather or nylon webbing. It goes over the shoulders and chest. It holds the leash securely. When the leash is attached, it keeps the dog from running away. There are many different kinds of dog harnesses available. Some are designed specifically for puppies, others for adults. Puppies need smaller ones because their necks aren’t yet strong enough to hold up the weight of an adult dog. Adult dogs need larger ones. It is important to make sure the harness fits snugly. This prevents the dog from getting tangled in the straps.

How do I choose the appropriate size harness for my Chihuahua?

Always measure your dog before buying a harness. You should choose a harness that fits your dog’s body type and proportions. Some brands offer adjustable straps, but make sure you get a harness that offers a snug fit.

What is the best harness for a teacup Chihuahua?

A front clip harness is great for training, but a back attachment is probably better. Polyester fabrics are lightweight, and won’t weigh down your dog. Choose a model with a low neck so that it does not cause stress on their neck or trachea.

Will a harness hurt my dog?

Harnesses should not hurt your Chiuahuaua. Fit is the most important thing, so measure your doggy based on the manufacturer’s guidelines. There shouldn’t be problems.

Can I leave a harness on my Chihuahua all the time?

We do not recommend having your dog’s harness on him the entire day. He might get used to being tied up all day long. You should never leave your dog alone without removing his harness.

Should puppies be required to wear a harness?

Chihuahuas are cute little dogs that need to be trained. Harnesses help prevent them from getting injured when pulling on leashes.

How do I choose the appropriate size harness for my Chihuahua?

Online shopping is a great tool for finding help when buying products for your pet. The first thing you should do is make sure your Chihuahua is healthy before purchasing any type of product. Next, you should check out the sizing charts for harnesses. Measure your dog’s girth, neck, and body length. These measurements will be needed to determine what size harness to buy.

What is the best harness for a teacup Chihuahua?

We recommend soft vest harnesses. These style harnesses come in small and they are nicely adjusted by velcro attachment. Remember to check the size chart before buying online! Many XX-small dog harnesses will work fine for teacup Chihauhauaus as small as 3-5 lbs.

Should my Chihuahua with tracheal collapse use a harness or collar for walking?

Collars can cause more harm than good when dealing with a dog that has collapsed tracheal cartilage. Harnesses are much better because they won’t pull on a dog’s neck while they’re walking.

What size harness should I get for my Chihuahua? 

A Chihuahua‘s neck should be measured every time you buy a new harness. You need to make sure that the harness fits properly before using it. Make sure that you use a flexible tape measure when measuring your dog’s neck at the widest part of its body.

How can I prevent tracheal collapse in my Chihuahua? 

A collar puts a lot of stress on your dog’s neck. Small breeds have fewer neck muscles than larger dogs, and chihuahuas especially are weak around their necks. This makes them vulnerable to injury if you pull or jerk on their neck. Harnesses are safer because they distribute weight evenly over the entire body.

Will a harness irritate my Chihuahua’s skin? 

Dog harnesses should be tight enough to hold onto your dog securely, but not so tight as to cut into their skin. Harnesses should be adjustable, allowing you to tighten them up or loosen them down depending on how much weight your dog is carrying.

How can I prevent my Chihuahua from chewing through its harness? 

When dogs chew things, especially their owners’ clothes, it may mean that they’re bored or stressed out. Dogs who chew must be taken on daily walks to get exercise. You can try to stop your dog from chewing by tightening up the leash and tucking dangling straps into a pocket.

Should I get more than one harness for my Chihuahua? 

A dog harness lets you take your dog with you when you go out. You can walk your dog wherever you need to go. A dog harness works well for both dogs and humans.


In conclusion, whether you’re looking to buy a harness for your chihuahua or you already have one, it’s always a good idea to check for quality. A poorly designed harness can cause serious injury to your pooch, so make sure you choose one that fits properly and has all the features you want. Also, keep in mind that your chihuahua’s size and age will affect which type of harness he needs. Make sure you know exactly how to use the harness correctly, and follow the instructions carefully.

Once you’ve got your harness, you’ll probably want to invest in a lead rope so you can walk him around safely. Don’t worry—it’s easy to attach and detach, and it won’t hurt his feelings in the least. Just make sure you never leave your pup unattended with the harness on. He won’t thank you later. Finally, we conclude the article about the Best Harness For Chihuahua.


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